Monkey Server v1.6

Embedded Linux

Monkey not only target High-End production servers, it also target any device running Embedded Linux. It small architecture, resources optimization and Linux Kernel feature aware, makes Monkey the right choice as HTTP Server or Service stack to interface peripherals or any common scripting need on an embedded environment.

Monkey is fully supported on ARM processors and have been tested successfully on Android based devices, Gumstix boards, Raspbian (Raspberry Pi) and Yocto Project based systems.


When building Monkey for an Embedded system, you may be interested into the size used by the binary program. As stated in the Memory Allocator section, Monkey is built with Jemalloc statically by default so the binary size grows. Here is a table about estimated sizes for the binary program depending of it setup:

memory allocator not stripped stripped
Jemalloc 2MB 331KB
System default 111KB 89KB

Jemalloc is highly suggested as it reduce memory fragmentation and scale on demand, for hence it helps to improve performance.