Monkey Server v1.6

MIME Types

A MIME Type defines an association between a file content and a name. In Web Server context this is useful when sending some content to the client and this last one needs to know before hand what kind of data is being send.

Everybody is aware about files extensions, for example JPG or JPEG represents a file that its content is a compressed digital image and the MIME Type associated is image/jpeg. Monkey supports to register all MIME Types required and that lists exists on the configuration file conf/monkey.mime.


This configuration file store all known MIME Types, it's schema contains just one section named [MIMETYPES] and each entry represents a mime type where the key is the file extension and the value the MIME Type, e.g:

    html text/html
    jpg image/jpeg
    png image/png
    js application/x-javascript
    css text/css
    xml text/xml
    gif image/gif
    flv video/x-flv

So every time Monkey receives a request for a file named logo.jpg, it will lookup into the MIME Types list and return back the value image/jpeg on it's HTTP response header Content-Type. When a resource cannot match a MIME Type the server will send the mime type text/plain.

There is no limits for the number of MIME Types registered, they just need to be there before the server starts.